Single Mom about Wearing the Hijab

Been thinking about wearing the hijab. I realized I am really not ready yet.

When my daughter, Mia, sees me wearing it, even if I try to explain Islam and the hijab to her, she might not understand and would get so confused. Her friends and friends’ parents will ask her about me and my hijab, she wouldn’t know what to tell them. Also she just joined catechism class and just had her first communion last March.

She has started learning and practicing Catholicism. I want her to learn what I have learned and believe what I have come to believe. I want her to understand Islam and eventually become a Muslim. InshaAllah. I think the best way to teach her is through my actions. If I show her how Islam is having such a positive effect on my life, if I not preach but use positive examples when appropriate, if I open my heart to her and tell her how much peace I have found, if I pray in front of her, may not be today or tomorrow or even next year, but one day she will understand. It is up to me to plant the seed. I pray for strength that I’d be able to do this.

Going back to the hijab. I think wearing it is a deeply personal pact between a woman and God. It is not up to anyone else to decide if you should wear it. Allah will let me know when the time is right.

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