I love Jesus!

I think now, as a Muslim, I appreciate Jesus'(PBUH) message more than when I was a Catholic Christian.

I knew about Jesus’ birth and his life from when he started his ministry from the Bible. I only know the things written about him from the Bible. Which I realized some details about him contradict with Jesus in the Quran. I know that he is a great man and he carries the same message of God. I have watched a documentary about the Muslim Jesus. I like how Islam describes him. I can relate to him more now. A good friend described Jesus as… “not an untouchable man God. He is a man with hopes and fears. Someone I can aspire to be like. Jesus was beautiful, kind, and dignified who fulfilled his duty to God as a Muslim man.”

On that same documentary I have watched, there was a feature on the life of Mary, mother of Jesus. I didn’t know that there’s a part in the Quran that is entirely about her life. I like how Mary is portrayed in the Quran. She is a single mom. There was no Joseph. People talked about her and belittled her. The feature showed clips of the Islamic movie “Saint Mary”. I cried after seeing the clips. I can so identify with her. She is so real. Just as Jesus is.

I will watch the full movie after I send you this message. I got my Kleenex ready.

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