Taking it easy

I feel blessed. Just to think that after 32 years of life, Allah has chosen for me Islam as my guidance. There is a reason for everything.

The Prophet was a very soft spoken man who was easy on the new reverts. Right now I am trying to forget all the rules so I can concentrate more on establishing a relationship with Allah through my salaat. The rest will follow in time. InshaAllah.

I’ve just learned that the very first to embrace Islam and follow the Prophet was a woman, Khadija, his very strong, independent, and successful wife. They all had to start somewhere, they all had to learn. I am just like them. SubhanAllah!

There’s so much to read about and so much to learn about Islam. I am yet to learn about the Shariah law and punishments. I feel so overwhelmed sometimes.

Islam is a lifetime project. God doesn’t want my religion to be a burden. Little by little. Day by day. All we can do right now as individuals is begin to change the world by first changing ourselves. Be the best humans we can be, to follow the sunnah of the Prophet. Live a good life and seek knowledge.

I pray I’d have a lot of patience. I have just begun my journey. Even if I want to understand everything now, I have to take it slowly or I will burn out.

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