Jihad does not mean “holy war”

Many non-Muslims are worried about ‘jihad’ in Islam. I am not.

‘Jihad’ literally means struggle in Arabic. Jihad doesn’t mean “holy war”. Jihad can mean any kind of struggle. Muslims usually use the word to describe struggles in life.

I have an internal ‘jihad’ going on. Well everybody does. We have to maintain self discipline, keep to good company, and strengthen our relationship with Allah to help us overcome. The Prophet said fighting Jihad in Allah’s name is great but the greater Jihad is the one fought within yourself.

I think I have mentioned that one of the greatest challenges is information overload. I had to stop myself from doing more and more research on other things about Islam, like the Sunnah, sects, and Shariah law. And instead focus on getting to know the Prophet more and being closer to Allah. I need to keep on reminding myself… little by little, day by day.

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