The prostitute at a well

Allah is changing so much in my life right now. So much! But problems are also are popping up. My family has been coming up to me and opening wounds that have just started healing. I used to think that all these is Allah’s way of correcting my past mistakes. Setting things right. Then I realized that Allah doesn’t want to make life hard for me. Living a hard life is haram. (I heard that from somewhere.) I have become my own biggest critic. I have to change my view on things.

In my life story, I have made so many mistakes. These days, I really feel that people are rubbing them against my face. But I have to keep on convincing myself to forget my past life and learn my lesson. If others continue to bring my past up, they are reliving it and that is their short comings. Not mine. I know Allah want’s me to have an easy life, to progress, to be better. To not to look backwards and always feel sorry for myself. How can I progress when I keep looking backwards?

The prophet Mohammed once told a story about a prostitute at the well. The water was very low, so she took off her shoe and leant over to scoop some water for drinking. Then she saw a dog. It was hot and thirsty. She thought, “this dog is just like me.” She scooped the water into her shoe and gave it to the dog. Prophet Muhammad says that one thing would get her into paradise, regardless of the life she had lived, to show compassion to one of Allahs creation is beautiful.

We all have our stories to tell. Even Micheal Jackson and Whitney Houston, who people used to look up to, had extremely sad life stories. No one has it easy. But just like everybody, I still have a chance to live in Jannah.

I just have to think of being nice, tolerant, and charitable to others, as this could be my ticket to paradise.

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