Jumaah Prayers and Dawah Programs

I need to establish networks! The only way I can do this is if I join the community prayers at a Masjid, and Islamic centers.

I have found a Masjid where I can pray and listen to Quran recitations!!! It’s in the Indonesian Embassy. The Indonesian Embassy is only open on Fridays from 12nn to 1pm. The operator I spoke to just now isn’t sure if they have a Dawah program for new reverts. The prayers are in English as there are a lot of people from different countries who go there for Friday prayers. If my student is absent on Friday morning, I should be able to go. InshaAllah.

I have also found an Islamic Dawah Center in Cubao Quezon City. It is about an hour and a half away from my home, but it is a good place to visit on Sundays. From 1-3pm there’s a Tajuwid for women only and Quran reading. From 3-4pm there’s Dars/Deen for women only and Islamic Studies and Tafsir. From 4-5pm there’s Arabic Language and Reading and Writing in Arabic.

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