Reaction to “Something to be alarmed about”

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email about Islam, Shariah, and that everybody should be alarmed about Islam spreading in our country.

A friend and I exchanged our opinions about this article. We agreed it is both insulting and oppressing to Muslims. Here’s my say…

“Regarding the article, I have not been discouraged after reading it. I know that these articles may have some facts, but they are taken out of context. I have realized that such articles should not be paid much attention to because those who wrote them do not understand Islam and do not have complete submission to Allah. If they have submitted themselves to the will of Allah, then they would accept and understand the Muslim way of life, and the Shariah. These are created by Allah for us. He knows what is best.

About violence in some Muslim countries, these are isolated cases of Muslims probably born into the religion but do not really practice Islam. Islam is peace, and violence is completely prohibited. True Muslims know this.

The brothers and sister I met at the Blue Mosque (last Saturday), most of them are Tausugs and Maranaos (tribes) from Zamboanga and Sulu. Some of them even have families and friends who have been involved and are victims in the current conflict in Zamboanga. A lot of non-Muslims might say that these people are war freaks, but with how they have treated me, how they have spoken to me, they are far more kind, generous, and peace loving than the my Christian and Catholic friends and relatives!!!

They are far more Christian than the Christians I know.

I don’t see anything wrong with Muslim communities lobbying for autonomy. Here in the Philippines, we already have it. A lot of countries have this. But these communities fail to thrive and progress because society oppresses them and (like in our country’s case) the governments do not provide the enough financial support.

You would find the poorest in the Philippines in Mindanao. It has been reported that public officials misuse (or should I say ‘abuse’) funds allocated to make infrastructure and improve means of livelihood. If you go to Mindanao and look at schools and public hospitals, the equipment and facilities are old and not of good quality.

I am happy too that the Muslim population is growing. I have faith that those kids born in the religion would get a grasp of the real meaning of Islam, and practice Islam as much as they could.

A lot of bad things are being said about Muslims these days. It’s upsetting because the news that come out are biased opinions. They generalize Muslims saying we are violent crazy people. It’s just unfair. A lot of pick pockets, gangsters, corrupt officials, murderers, serial killers I have read in the papers, they are definitely not Muslims but we Muslims do not generalize that all Christians and other religions are just bad as those people.

Why can’t they do the same for us?”

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