Why I cleaned my online profiles

I have spent half my morning, limiting my friends’ access to my photos and posts on my online profiles. I have also deleted some photos that are non Islamic: photos with cocktail glasses in my hand, boys, short skimpy dresses, plunging necklines, etc. After everything… I only have several photos left on my profile, immediate family and a few very close mahram friends unrestricted.

I didn’t realize until now how much of the ‘secular’ things I used to do and enjoy. I was even so proud of them to be posting them of social networking sites. Oh, I was a silly silly girl. Thank God my parents hadn’t seen any of my old posts and pics.

I am a woman and women are very precious. Sure, I can share information that would benefit other people and help them get closer to Allah. But not to the expense of compromising my values and beliefs.

Why would I want to flaunt physical features for everybody to see? Yasmin Mogahed was right. It will be like giving everybody access to my social security number, my bank card’s PIN, my phone, etc. Thank God for giving me a second chance in life and for teaching me how to value and respect myself.

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