Muslim women are the least oppressed and the most liberated

The first people who knew about my intention to revert to Islam are my closest friends, my brother Art, and my sister Lorraine. I am so sure this question has crossed their minds, “Why does she want to be in a religion that oppresses women?”

Little do they know, if one faithfully follows the teachings of Islam, Islam would be the least oppressive and the most liberating out of all the religions.

This made Islam the most attractive choice for me and to a lot of other bright and intelligent Muslim women reverts.

To know more about how Islam is true about womanhood, listen to and read Fatima Barkatullah’s beautifully articulated narration of Secrets of a Muslim Woman.

Here’s an excerpt:

Islam recognises that men and women are physiologically and psychologically different. Men are on the whole physically stronger than women. That’s why you’ll never find Roger Federer playing tennis against Serena Williams! Nor will you find men racing against women at the Olympics. Our bodies are designed differently. That’s why it is still not acceptable on the streets of London for a woman to walk around topless but it would be for a man to – right? So we know that we are different and therefore Islam tells us that our roles in society are different too. We as women give birth to children and nurture them with the milk of humanity. Men cannot do that. God tells men that their role is to take leadership and nurture their families, to provide for them and to take full financial responsibility for their wives and children. And women are the most powerful force in society, our role as mothers, as the first school of humanity is honoured and supported in Islam. We don’t have to contribute one penny to the upkeep of the family. We may work and earn money and that money is ours to do as we wish with. But we don’t have to work because God deems us irreplaceable as the homemaker and nurturer of the next generation.

Come to think of it, it would be more valid to say that men are the one who are oppressed. 🙂

Allah knows best.

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