How to use a Qibla Direction Finder / Compass

As soon as I got home from Quiapo, I opened my Qibla Direction Finder kit and tried to follow the instructions on the booklet. The instructions were confusing so I wasn’t so sure if I was doing it right. I went online hoping I would find ‘how to’ videos, but there wasn’t one for the Qibla finder I’m using.

I managed to find a way to locate my Qibla using an online application, and finally figured out how to use my Qibla compass.

Let me demonstrate.

Step 1: On the booklet that came with the Qibla direction finder / Islamic compass, look for your city index.

Step 2: Rest your compass on your prayer mat. The minaret (the one that should point the direction to Mecca) should be on the upper middle part of your mat.

Step 3: By moving your compass, along with your mat, locate your true north by aligning the arrow to N and the minaret.

Step 4: Then slowly move your compass, along with your rug, clockwise or counter clockwise, until the arrow of your compass points to your city index.

Step 5: The minaret shows you the direction to Mecca.

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