Telling my siblings… and then the world

Alhamdulillah! I have managed to tell my brothers, their wives, and my sisters. They are very happy for me. Mia has been seeing me pray. She seems okay with it. I havent told my parents yet. I am so sure they already know, but I guess they are just waiting for me to say something. InshaAllah, I`ll do it very soon.

How did I do it? I told them to go to this site and read. šŸ˜€ Easy squeazy. Then I told them to ask me questions.

I am a bit nervous telling other people about my reverting to Islam. I know that they wont be as understanding and accepting as my family. I am sure there are a lot who are non religious and there are also those who born again Christians who will raise their eyebrows at me whenever I talk about Allah.

I have learned about the Muslim community in Melbourne. Oh how much I want to be part of that community. There are a lot of reverts there and I would have more access to lectures and Islamic classes.

I have been warned though about this decision of moving to Melbourne and into that community. A friend in Queensland told me that Australians have a very low tolerance for anything that conflicts with the ‘Norm’ in society or even anything that takes deep thought, consequently religion and politics are usually not discussed. The general understanding of Islam here is what Sixty Minutes or other tabloid news programs feeds the general public; almost always biased nonsense.

Allah has been giving me the strength and courage to learn, practice and remain faithful to my eeman. I am sure that in time, I will no longer want to fit into others’ idea of what is acceptable or normal. And just care about doing things that are pleasing to Allah.

I should not fear other people but should fear Allah, as it is Allah that we will return to at our time of death.

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