Hijab drill

I will have a lifetime of mixed feelings about wearing it but I am confident I will remain steadfast in my decisions as I have been blessed by Allah with inner strength.

I should not be afraid of what people think because I won`t be doing this for others opinion but for the sake of Allah. I am under no compulsion. I am intelligent, educated, and independent.

By wearing Hijab I will be sending a message to all people: I am a Muslima in the tradition of the wives of the Prophet, I am a slave to Allah and only Allah. I am not a slave to society`s conditioning, nor to any man or money. I dress to please my God, and not to please a male dominated society that says I must be sexy and pleasing to their eyes (I can only be like this to my future husband, sure.) I will not tolerate loose or vulgar talk. I am a strong and determined individual.

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