Tolerance test in a jeepney

Two Saturdays ago, on my way to Bulacan, I rode a jeepney. A man sat next to me. While we were on the highway, the man fell asleep and kept resting his head on my shoulders. Then I realized he seemed drunk. I didnt know what to do.

I prayed and asked Allah for help. Then I remember being told to just tolerate but I also remember to demand respect and privacy. I was taking time thinking what to do next, until the people in the jeepney saw the drunk man, and started helping me.

They tried to wake him up but the drunk man wont budge. Some gave me more leg room and told me to adjust my seating so Id feel more comfortable. Praise Allah, the people with me were so considerate. I thought that since I was Muslim they wouldnt help, but they did.

When we exited the highway, one of the passengers yelled to the drunk man, saying he has missed his stop. The drunk man woke up in shock and hurried down the jeepney. The others asked the one who shouted if he knew the drunk man. He said no, but he just had to do it for my safety and comfort.

I still hope that drunk man got home safe.

May Allah bless these people in the jeepney with me with peace in contentment in their lives. Yes, even that drunk man. Ameen.

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