Islamic lectures

I wasnt able to attend any Islamic lessons at the mosque for the past 2 weekends for many valid reasons. But I got to listen to Islamic lectures from Youtube while recuperating in bed. I have themes/topics this week. Last week was about dealing with hurt, pain, suffering, heartbreak, etc.

I have become more emotionally stable. Before, whenever I would feel so down, I would ask advice from friends. I`d cry to them. And even if we spend 4, 6, 12 hours on the phone, approached counselors, church elders, a psychologist, but the hurt feeling still did not go away. Through the lectures, I have learned that by having stronger faith in Allah, going directly and crying to Him for help, acknowledging that all He ever gives me is for my good, and just continue living according to His will, I should be all right. If I didnt listen to the lectures, I would have backslid big time and would be in deep depression by now. Praise Allah, I feel so good now… so at peace.

This week, I listen to lectures about what they call Half the Deen. Why? At the wedding of Paul and Len, I caught the bouquet. Haha. My friends made sure I get it as I was the only one who is single our group of friends. I know that in Islam it has no significance, but I couldnt help but catching the bouquet reminded me of marriage. Ive realized how big of a deal it is… its half the deen! This got me thinking… what to do… what to do.

I am enjoying my journey in Islam. There are so many things to learn! I have changed so much… I have become a better woman! Allah has been making it so easy for me. God is The Most Great! I am extremely happy. I feel that I have always been meant to be a Muslimah. I told my sisters about this. They kinda agree. 🙂

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