Discussion with a Practicing Catholic

My colleagues came to my house last Friday for dinner. There were about 12 of them… I think. We exchanged stories and cracked some jokes. When they started gossiping, talking about sex, and making fun on people. When asked to talked, I gave short careful answers… I hope that that gave the idea that I prefer not participating in such conversations. But it is still nice having them at home. We all had fun. Oh boy, we were noisy. People started leaving around midnight. One stayed overnight. Her name is Ethel.

Ethel used to be a missionary and wanted to become a nun. We spent hours talking about eeman (beliefs and actions) and taqwa (fear in God) in our and her religion, and our views on those who live secular lives and far from God. She may be Catholic and I Muslim, but we are so similar. We both pray 5 times, dress up modestly, love God, respect Jesus and Mary, knowledgeable about the other prophets, careful with our words and actions, and so on.

I haven’t interacted directly with Christians other than Catholics. I wish I’d have the chance to have a similar discussion with different kinds of Christians. Inshallah.

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