How to Go to the Blue Mosque in Taguig City

The Blue Mosque in Taguig City is perhaps the most beautiful masjid I have ever visited in Metro Manila.

It is designed by a well renowned Filipino architect, Angel Nakpil. The same man who designed the National Press Club in Intramuros, Manila.

The mosque has a carpeted prayer hall, which is divided into two areas by a black cloth (one area for men and one area for women). It also has wudu areas for areas for men and women, a conference room, three madrasa classrooms, a library, a clinic, dormitory rooms for students, a secretariat, and the Imam’s Office. The design of this building is patterned after the CORDOVA in Spain.

This mosque is well maintained and the community around the mosque is safe.

Below are links to images of the Blue Mosque.

the dome…

women’s prayer area… 

back of the mosque… 


The best way to get to the Blue Mosque is by tricycle from the Sunshine Mall in the FTI Compound. At the back of the mall is a drop off and pick up point of tricycle passengers. You may just get on a tricycle and ask to be brought to The Blue Mosque in Maharlika Village.

The trip is only 6 to 8 minutes. The fare is less than P20 pesos.

I videoed my first tricycle ride to the Blue Mosque. Here is a video of my last visit to the Blue Mosque. The road names and directions are on the speech balloons.

Dawah programs, Quran reading, and Madrasa classes are available at this mosque. The last time I visited, there were a lot of Tausug and Maranao brothers and sisters. They were all very accommodating and helpful.

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