My first Eid Al Adha (2013)

Eid Mubarak!

I had an amazing time at the masjid today.

There were so many people. Thousands came! All the women and young kids stayed inside the mosque while the men stayed outdoors. It was my first time to join the community prayers. Ahhh.

It feels good to be praying with people who share my beliefs. The experience was overwhelming.

I wasn*t able to meet my Mama Monera. It was almost impossible to find her in that big a crowd. But I managed to meet other muslimahs. Though we were complete strangers to each other, they were so generous with greetings and hugs. Some were even giving out money, presents, and there was food!

One of these women is a Filipina revert who works in Saudi Arabia and is just home for the holidays. She gave me a Tasbeeh. She shared also has shared her experiences when she had the Umrah. Makes me want to go there soon… InshaAllah. After the Mosque I went home alone, it’s times like this I wish I had a husband and family.

Pictures and videos from the masjid.



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