Eating halal

When I became a Muslimah, I had to make a lot of changes. One of the biggest changes and challenges would be eating halal.

In my city, all grocery stores and supermarkets do not sell fresh halal meat. There is a halal meat store near the mosque but I rarely go there as it is quite far and dangerous. There is only one restaurant I know that serves halal food but food is so expensive. For now, I do not have any other choice but to reduce my diet to seafood, vegetables, and halal sealed canned/packed food.

Some days, I badly crave for meat. It is a good thing, I have been adopted by a Libyan Muslim family and almost every other day I have heavy dinner there. They know my situation so whenever I am home for dinner, they stuff me with food… especially meat. I am very grateful. May Allah be pleased with them and bless them.

Sometimes, I find it unavoidable to eat out. In these cases, I would order for seafood. If there is no seafood, I eat a little of a chicken or beef dish, and ask Allah for His understanding and forgiveness.

InshaAllah, I will be able to find better ways to be able to get some fresh halal meat in my fridge.

If you have some suggestions for me, please comment below.

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