I have been thinking about wearing the hijab headscarf. I just have not had the courage to wear it in public as most of my relatives and friends do not know yet that I have become Muslim. I have changed the way I dress up. InshaAllah, I will be able to wear the hijab more regularly. In the meantime, I am learning and experimenting with some hijab styles I found online. Check out my playlist.

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2 Responses to Hijab!

  1. afternoonlattes says:

    when i first put on a hijab it was definitely a struggle for me and I didn’t know many people that wore a hijab even within my family! But eventually it got a lot easier for me and was the best decision iv made in my life(: I wish you the best with whatever decision you make one day!

    • Joanna says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience and your well wishes. I do hope to have more courage to wear the hijab. I am the only Muslim in my entire clan. And probably the only Filipina Muslim who would be wearing the hijab in my town. It will happen one day, InshaAllah.

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