Learning Arabic: characters and forms

One of my biggest dreams is to read the Quran and memorize it. InshaAllah. And because of that, I am soooo driven to learn Arabic.

I am quite blessed to have Arab friends, Saleh and Salma, who are willing to teach me Arabic. They teach me Arabic vocabulary and functional sentences.

They teach me by saying an English noun/verb/adjective, and then translating the word to Arabic. Then they let me write down (on my handy dandy notebook) the English word and the transliteration of the word in Arabic. Whenever I am at their home, I get to listen to them and talk to them using the words I have learned.

One of my friends told me to learn all the Arabic characters: their forms, and how they are pronounced. This is so I can write the words I have learned and start reading Arabic.

Let me share with you a video that has helped me learn the characters, the sounds, and how they are connected to each other to form words.

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