My dear friend is leaving soon

It has been a difficult few weeks for me.
The news of my very good friend (my sister from another mother and father :))  and her family are leaving sooner than expected. They were supposed to stay here for 2 more years. But they couldn*t find good schools that would  allow them to earn their masters degrees in only 2 years. They are my only Muslim friends. I am sure I will still survive after they leave the Philippines, but I would definitely feel more lonely.
Oh, I need a husband. (Haha. No matchmakers please. I can handle this myself. Thank you. :p)
No more hijab tutorials; fancy Arabic, Libyan, and Egyptian dinners; conversational Arabic tutorials; play dates with their kids; and salaat and Quran memorization lessons.

My friends may be leaving early but InshaAllah I will meet them again. I think that is the nature of life: people come and go in our lives and leave their mark whether good or bad. But usually always there is a lesson to be learned.
I don’t think it a coincidence when people appear in our lives just when we need them.
May Allah bless their family and may He make our paths cross again. May I continue to be guided in the straight path even after my friends have left. Ameen.
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