Trying too much too fast

I am struggling with prayer.

I need to keep myself from missing or delaying my salat. I know that I should not miss prayer and should be doing them on time, like how I would not miss and be late in taking antibiotics medication.

Now, I keep four out of five salats a day. I usually miss Asr or Magrib. I am still trying to find my way back and with more realistic expectations. Realistic that when I pray, it would really keep me on the straight path and I would mean it. I still am stubborn on one area of my life. InshaAllah I will be able to sort that out soon.

I have done so many changes. I think I just tried for too much too fast.

The Prophet Muhammad saw said to enter the religion gently because there is so much to be learned it can overwhelm you.

I shared a revert friend about my struggles and this is the reply I got…

I used get embarrassed to be seen praying now I’m so grateful to Allah for giving me salat I am not embarrassed anymore. I don’t find praying to be a nuisance, something I have to do, an imposition on my time, now I embrace it its like a time out from the world. Remember when you were a child and you were upset, maybe you were in trouble or some close friends hurt your feelings; you would find solace and comfort in your room, somewhere you could be alone for a while where no one can hurt you; well prayer is my room now and I’m no longer alone. Sometimes I feel so happy to pray that I can cry during salat I feel so blessed . Everyone is going about their business around me but I have stopped to remember my Lord. Subhanallah! Capture that feeling Joanna don’t worry about what’s happening around you lay your face on the ground and let your tears flow.


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