Dear cybervoid… I am lonely

Allow me to spill out what is has been on in my mind in the past 2 days. There is probably nothing in what I am about to write here that will enlighten you or inspire you in anyway. So read at your own risk.

And here goes my blabber…

I am planning a 6 course dinner for my still non Muslim friends on Friday. I have not done this for a while. This is the first dinner party I am hosting after becoming Muslim.

I never thought I would be doing this again. I guess lately, I have been feeling so lonely, not being able to join my other friends in their usual Friday and Saturday night escapades. So instead of going to their parties, which most likely will have alcohol and other haram stuff, I will host this weekend*s party here at home, with mocktails of Pellegrino, Grapefruit juice and mint; some very rich dark chocolate; etc. and have full control of my company and my environment.

I just want to be reminded that I still have friends. That there are people, other than my family, who know me and care about me.

I did my grocery shopping today. At the taxi bay at SM Aura, while I was sitting on a bench, waiting for my ride home, I witnessed many couples, groups of friends, and families pass by me. They were all busy talking and laughing. I could not help but feel envious. I wish I had a husband with me, or had friends or family to go shopping with or at least go home to. I had nobody. It is just sad.

Oh Allah. I have been patiently waiting for someone. I wish he wants the same things. InshaAllah.

In the cab, on my way home, I asked why life has been so difficult and lonely.

I was only comforted in the idea that this life is only temporary and the confidence that all of the sacrifices, all of the challenges, give me a better chance of going to paradise. InshaAllah. And all that I really need to do is to stay in surrender to Allah, and be more faithful in doing what only pleases Him. InshaAllah.

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2 Responses to Dear cybervoid… I am lonely

  1. Abdu Samad says:

    Hi, I am a French Muslim man who is completely understanding you! You have to be patient my sister! With the smile you have and the faith of Allah, you will find exactly your way.
    I hope for you the best husbund ever!
    I know that peace of Allah is upon you
    Salam Aleikum my dear sister

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