Mourning the death of a non Muslim friend

One of the hardest things to accept as a new Muslim is the fact that I could not pray for the soul or attend a funeral service of any of my non Muslim friends and relatives. This realization came after a very dear friend, Lolo Logio (Grandpa Logio), who died about a month ago.

When I first heard about his passing, the first things I did were to recall my last moments with him, to contact next of kin, and visit the wake. Before going to the wake, I consulted a couple of Muslim friends, who were born Muslims, who said outright that I cannot go nor even offer prayers from my home.

That I thought was the most heart breaking… the harshest thing I have ever heard.  And for the first time ever, I doubted myself and my faith. Astagfirullah. Then I was shaken back to reality…

Who am I to question Allah?

I was comforted by another friend who explained to me what I can and cannot do. This video by Muhammad Salah sums everything up…

 Allah knows best.


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