And just when I thought I had lost her forever…

Allahu Akbar! Allah has brought me back my best friend, Maann. Oh! I missed her dearly. She means so much to me. I feel another part of my healed.

I still have many of my other friends and relatives who continue to exclude me after I have revealed I am Muslim. I still have most of them on my social media sites. To realize that they ignore me and leave me out of big events in their lives stings… badly.

I have asked questions like if I will ever be accepted, what do I have to do, what are good things to say, will things go back to the way they used to, etc. Unfortunately, no one, not even the most pious Muslim I know, have the answers.

Reading about the life of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and seeing the pain that he went through, the family and friends that deserted him, continue to give me some comfort. They also encourage me on to remain steadfast in my faith in Allah, to hold on to the truth, and to never let it go.

To my brothers and sisters in Islam who are in a similar situation, let us make dua for each other…

May Allah continue to guide us, give us strength, and make the transitions in our lives smooth and easy. May we continue to find security and comfort in the words of the Quran, and the words and actions of the beloved messengers of God. Ameen.

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