Someone left? Broken hearted? Can`t move on?

It is always a crazy and painful experience when someone you love leaves. The pain is worth more than someone dying as you know that the one who died did not choose to leave you and is clearly not coming back. However, this person that has left you is alive and has chosen to leave you.  You are not sure if this person will ever intend to come back.

You have been told that this painful experience should be taken as a blessing in disguise. Allah warns you that your heart will never be sound as long as there is someone from the opposite sex, who is illegal for you, haram for you in your life. If there is any degree of free mixing, surely your heart will never be sound.

Think. If you put your love on a Prada bag, or a Ferarri, or on anyone, no matter how good looking this person is, your love is only there as long as that thing or person that you love is there. Your love is dependent on that thing or person being in your life.

Remember. All of God`s creations may come to an end. All things will eventually and absolutely leave you. The great love you have for the creation will always be temporary. You have been destined for heartbreak.

But if you put all your love in someone that will never leave you, in a being that will be with you in the depths, in the nights, in the darkest deepest hole, in any corner in the world, your love will be with you always and forever.

Put your love in the The Source, The Creator. If you put your love in Allah, you will find that there is no overwhelming pain that you would experience.

You would recognize that if you are put in a calamity, it will be served by the name of Allah. If it kills you, you will be sent to Allah. If they put you in prison, it gives you more one on one time with Allah. If it lets you exile to the land far away, it gives you time to ponder and reflect on the vast creation of Allah, the one that you love.

Replace the love you have for this person with the love of Allah. Fill your heart with the love that stays with you forever.

Having a pious husband/wife is one of the best things you could ever have in this life, but it is not something that should give you so much pain and grief. When he/she moves on, you also move on.

Do you think in this time, you will never find someone better than this person who has left you? It is the trick of Shaytan to make you think that you are not going to find someone more good looking, nicer, someone who will accept you in x, y, and z.

Bear in mind that it is not difficult for Allah, the Creator of all Heaven and Earth, in a twinkling of an eye, to give you the man/woman of your dreams. It is that easy for Allah.

If you want to have a good spouse: good looking, caring, modest, responsible, loving man/woman, remember that the good is for the good and the bad is for the bad.

Better yourself.

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5 Responses to Someone left? Broken hearted? Can`t move on?

  1. Mahmoud Salem says:

    But I really love this girl named Catherine she’s a American she’s not bad I know I’m a Muslim and it’s bad but she can’t get out of my mind I love her so much and I live Allah to she is the best thing that happen to me in real life since we can’t see Allah in person what should I do

    • Maryam says:

      My brother, I understand where you are coming from as I too have experienced this. But we have to be steadfast and have faith that Allah will lead us to what is really meant for us. We have to be ready to let go of some things and people we hold so close in our hearts and let Allah do His work on us. Allah only wants things to be easy for us. I encourage you to read about Ishtikhara. This dua has helped me deal with big decisions in love and life. May Allah bless you and guide you. May Allah make this easy for us.

  2. Nur Maisarah says:

    Salam, i have question to ask. I’m a muslim and I’ve a relationship with a guy but he’s from different religion. We’ve been through a lot such as another person matters and religion matters but we managed to handle it. Since that day, i’ve said to myself that i leave everything in Allah’s hand and i have put my trust in Allah. I’ve prayed to Allah to help us to settle this thing since we’ve already tried everything that we can. Lately, the religion matters came out again and it’s from his family. Is this the sign from Allah?

  3. Mahmoud Salem says:

    Thank you… It’s just my generation is filled with all these things I’m 14 and I shouldn’t start this is just it’s been still going on and I need to get closer Allah when I see couples I get sad o try not to it’s just idk it’s that hard to forget about her ever since that year that put a big scar and then I dissolved away from my Deen and it’s tough because next I’m going to a Magnet school and she attends it everytime I look at her it’s so painful and 2014 I was the through depression and took the wrong meds that encourage it the depression and sudicdal thoughts and it’s just the past year from that time I feel broken I hide my pain and i wasn’t close to Allah and now its feeling kinda better it’s just there’s a part of me missing and wallahe I rather can stabbed with a knife then what the pain I felt the past 2 years. And I try to make myself happy but I just can’t

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