Dhikr: Remembering Allah

I only knew about dhikr on my 3rd month as a Muslimah when a sister at the masjid gave me her misbaha as a gift and taught me how to remember Allah with it. (Her name is Sister Fatimah, who is now in Saudi. May Allah bless and reward her.)  It took me two more months before I learned that it is better to use my fingers when performing dhikr. I learned it from the SlideShare document down below.

I have made a video tutorial on how to use fingers for dhikr based on the illustrations in the document. This is to help our new Muslim brothers and sisters much easily learn how to perform tasbeeh with fingers.

When performing dhikr, it is imperative that we do it consciously. We need to condition ourselves before doing it by remembering the greatness of Allah and his vast creation and be grateful in every `SubhanAllah`, `Alhamdulillah`, and `Allahu Akbar`.

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