Ramadan Questions


Do I have to join a denomination of Islam? Or can I just be `Just Muslim`?
Can I do Taraweeh at home? How should I do it?
I already know Tasbeeh. How can I do Istigfar?
What am I supposed to do during Layl tul Qadr?
What important duas should I memorize for Ramadan?
What are the 30 juz of Quran for Taraweeh?
What is Jummah Salah? What do I have to do? Can this be done at home?
What is Tawbah Nasooha? What do I have to do?
What is the difference between tawbah and istigfar?
When is Tahajjud done? How do I do it?
What is Qiyam ul Layl? How do I do it?
What is Salatul Duha? How do I do it?
How much zakat do I have to pay?
Can I have iftar with my non Muslim family?
Can I host iftar dinner even when I am single?
What is witr and nafl? How and when do I pray them?
Where can I buy a translation of Quran? (Only in English)
What is Qunut? How do I do this?
I want to understand more about hadith. What book should I read about it?
What are Zakat Ul Fitr, Sadaqah, and Fitrrah?
What is Qailulah?
How to perform the 12 Sunnah rakat? Is it the same as Rawaatib?
Is this the same as Sunnah ghair al Mu`akkahah?
How can I build a house/s in Jannah?
How am I supposed to pray 10 times Ikhlas?
What are the benefits for praying Ikhlas 10 times?
What to do when a woman gets her period in Ramadan?

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