Usual dialogue with taxi drivers

Maryam: Good morning. Sa BH lang po.  Good morning. At BH only.
Driver: Good morning, ma`am. Ay, akala ko sa Maharlika kayo. Good morning, ma`am. Ay, I thought to Maharlika. (Maharlika Village is the Muslim Village deep in Taguig City.)
Maryam: Oh. Hindi po. Sa malapit lang po ako. Oh. No. I am just near.
Driver: Muslim po kayo? Are you Muslim?
Maryam: Opo, Alhamdulillah. Yes. Thanks to Allah.
Driver: Taga saan po kayo? Where are you from?
Maryam: Dito po sa Taguig. Here in Taguig (City).
Driver: Ang ibig kong sabihin, taga saan kayo sa Mindanao. What I meant was, where in Mindanao are you from (as most Filipino Muslims are from Mindanao.)
Maryam: Dito na po ako pinanganak at lumaki sa Manila. I was born and raised here in Manila.

Driver: Ahhh pasensya na. Taga saan po magulang ninyo? Ahhh. I am sorry. Where are your parents from?
Maryam: Ahhh.
Driver: Tausug ba sila o Maranao? Are they Tausug or Maranao (Muslim tribes)?
Maryam: Ahhh. Pangasinense po at Bisaya. (Not from a Muslim tribe)
Driver: Ahhh pasensya na. Ahh I am sorry.
Maryam: Okay lang po. Convert po ako. It is okay. I am a convert.
Driver: So nakapagasawa ka ng Muslim. Taga saan siya? So you married a Muslim. Where is he from?
Maryam: Hindi pa po ako nagaasawa. I am not yet married.
Driver: Ahh pasensya na talaga. Ahh I am really sorry.
Maryam: Okay lang po.
(Awkward pause)
Driver: Bakit ka nag balik Islam? Why did you revert to Islam?
(And da`wah begins…)
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