I am Muslim. I am hurt.

I have been reading a lot of posts generalizing Islam as an offensive, murderous, unjust religion because of actions of groups of unIslamic Muslims. SubhanAllah.

Brothers and sisters in humanity, I humbly ask that you know about the life of the Prophet Muhammad (saws) and his companions and read the Quran before making comments and sharing other people`s inaccurate perception/opinion of my religion. You would find that we, the real Islamic Muslims, love and respect all the Prophets from Adam to Abraham to Moses to Jesus to Muhammad (saws). We love and respect Mary and Angel Gabriel (as). The best of us Muslims try our hardest to live by God`s message and teachings sent through them. Islam, Christianity, Judaism are different religions that came from the same source; We have the same God.

If you have questions about Islam, I can give you resources and let you find the answers yourself. You would understand why Pope Benedict apologized for some of his remarks about Islam and Muhammad (saws).

Ignorance of others` religions and making comments about them make you unjust in God`s eyes. If you do not care about being religiously and culturally aware, then, at the very least, be culturally sensitive.

May God give justice and relief to the oppressed and suffering in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Palestine, Afghanistan, the Philippines… May God grant us knowledge and understanding. May peace and God`s blessings be upon us all. Ameen.

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