Lesson learned from you, Mia

I do not know anyone else who`d dare wear worn out shoes at school for days/weeks and not say anything. Shoes that are super dooper beyond repair na. Pangalawa na ito, iha. The last time I caught you, you taking your shoes off at your playmate`s house! Everybody noticed them, but you didn`t seem to care. Unbelievable!!!

When you were 8, I told you kailangan na natin magtipid kasi konti lang ang money  . I didn`t expect you`d take it that seriously. After then you`ve never asked me to buy you new things, and you`d always feel uneasy to ask for snacks. You would just wait until you are given something… anything. Mahal or mura, you`d accept it wholeheartedly and be very grateful.

You have only turned 11 today but I think you are more mature than others your age. We all have something to learn from you: to be content and grateful for even the smallest of things.

May God bless you and reward you for your good deeds. Ameen.

Happy birthday, Miapots! I love you to the moon and back.

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