“Do you have hair under your hijab?“ and other questions on my hijab

Here are some questions I`ve answered several times this week. Alhamdulillah.


“Do you have hair under your hijab? Is it straight?“
Oh you mean my headscarf? Yes, I have hair under it. It has soft waves. It is healthy and beautiful. Sorry, I cannot show it to you. I can only show them to my family, women, and young children.

“Why wear this `hijab`?“
Did you know that Mama Mary (RA) wore hijab? I have chosen to wear hijab to show that I am also a woman with dignity and substance. I guard my modesty with my hijab. I know I am beautiful and very precious; I do not want to give people, especially men, something to gaze at. Instead, I wish to draw their attention to my skills, intelligence, and character, not my appearance. My hijab also serves as a personal reminder that I am a Muslima and should behave like one. May Allah be pleased with my actions.

“What is modesty?“
Modesty is the decency and moderation of attitude, mood, behavior, speech, AND appearance. So, it is really not just about clothing.

“Why can`t you shake hands with me? “
When you see me greeting you with my hand/s over my heart, this does not mean I am not excited to see you and catch up with you. I really am. However, since I converted to Islam, I really am working to be more modest. And part of that is I no longer shake hands or hug men that I am not married to or related to. I have to keep up with modesty with more reserved relationships and interactions with men.

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