Masjid at Market Market, Taguig City: Finally found it!

I have heard so much about the Masjid at MarketMarket from my Muslim foreign students. I had attempted several times to look for it but failed. When finally I found it yesterday, I realized that it is nearly impossible to locate without asking for directions.

The Masjid at MarketMarket is on the ground floor of the mall at the Gift Market. Both entrances for men and women are located at the back of the Pearl Section.

The Masjid is small but once I entered, it really felt like a holy place for prayer and solitude. SubhanAllah! Considering it is located inside the busiest part of the mall, this gives you literally a grand escape from dunya. Alhamdulillah.



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13 Responses to Masjid at Market Market, Taguig City: Finally found it!

  1. Rizmen Ali says:

    Hi. Do they perform Jumu’ah prayer there?

  2. Janine Cambangay says:

    Hi! Where can I buy hard copy of Qur’an with English Translation in Metro Manila?

    • Maryam says:

      I am not sure where here. They usually give out Quran for free in Dawaah centers. My friends who gave me Copies of Quran got them from a Dawaah Center in Makati. You may search online for this center. You may also contact Dakwah Corner Bookstore at 09267780314 is an Islamic bookstore based in Zamboanga. They are on FB too. Im sure they have copies for sale. They might have a booth in Manila this Saturday at an Islamic gathering. You can visit their booth, arrange a meeting, or have the Quran delivered to you by courier.

    • RK says:

      you can try if you are ok with an online resource

  3. WT says:


    Do you know of any other masjid/prayer rooms in BGC?

  4. Nadzma says:

    Where exactly in Mckinley Hill? Can I pray eid there?

    • Maryam says:

      Assalamu alaikum. Eid mubarak. I apologize for not replying soon. It is in the Commerce and Industry Plaza. It may be open for eid. I have not tried it on eid. I suggest that you inquire at the embassy. However, the place is very small. For eid, I would recommend going to the Indonesian or Saudi Arabian embassies in Makati City. They have more space and a special section each for men and women.

  5. aneeka says:

    Asalamoalaikom.. Do masjid in market market open everyday?

  6. Sohel says:

    As salam walikum, Is their tomorrow EID ul Adha prayer will perform. If yes, please suggest me the timing. If Not kindly guide me with mosque with timing in Makati for Eid prayer.

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