Lesson learned from you, Mia

I do not know anyone else who`d dare wear worn out shoes at school for days/weeks and not say anything. Shoes that are super dooper beyond repair na. Pangalawa na ito, iha. The last time I caught you, you taking your shoes off at your playmate`s house! Everybody noticed them, but you didn`t seem to care. Unbelievable!!!

When you were 8, I told you kailangan na natin magtipid kasi konti lang ang money  . I didn`t expect you`d take it that seriously. After then you`ve never asked me to buy you new things, and you`d always feel uneasy to ask for snacks. You would just wait until you are given something… anything. Mahal or mura, you`d accept it wholeheartedly and be very grateful. Continue reading

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Guilty of backbiting and slander


A couple of days ago, I was walking through the neighborhood when I came across several women outside their homes wearing very short shorts and very low neckline mid rib sleeveless tops. I couldn`t help myself but look at them with much disgust.

I could have just kept this to myself, but I told a friend about the things I saw. The conversation, which took about half an hour, was only backbiting and slandering non Muslim women who dress immodestly. The discussion made ourselves feel superior and far more morally upright over them as we Muslim women wear hijab.

Yesterday, I went on Facebook and found some relatives and friends liking my pre shahada photos; Continue reading

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From Him we came and to Him we return

We have witnessed two deaths in the family this week. We have lost Lola Luding last Saturday, and our Lolo Abe last Tuesday. I have not yet fully recovered from the passing of our Lola Nene in June this year. It is hard to describe the grief I am feeling now.

The hardest part about losing non Muslim family is being unable to pray for the repose of their souls. I have gone to wakes and found myself surrounded by people who are all praying. Continue reading

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How to go Hijabi Shopping in Quiapo Muslim Town

Reasonably priced abayas, long dresses, scarves, pins, etc. are very hard to find in Metro Manila. I expected to find them where I usually see a lot of Muslims: Maharlika Village, Sunshine Mall FTI, Greenhills Shopping Center, Makati Cinema Square, Divisoria, etc. I managed to find some stores but they offered very limited choices.

The Muslim shop keepers must have seen the disappointment in my eyes while I was going through their stock that they had the heart to direct me to the Muslim Town of Quiapo, Manila`s Mecca for anything Muslim.


Things I found in Muslim Town, Quiapo

  • prayer compasses
  • prayer mats
  • tasbih beads
  • The Quran
  • head scaves
  • no snag hijab pins
  • abayas
  • hijab brooches
  • hijab pins
  • ninja and bonnet underscarves
  • long dresses
  • long sleeved blouses
  • prayer dresses
  • malongs
  • wedding dresses
  • rare spices
  • halal chicken

Continue reading

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I am Muslim. I am hurt.

I have been reading a lot of posts generalizing Islam as an offensive, murderous, unjust religion because of actions of groups of unIslamic Muslims. SubhanAllah.

Brothers and sisters in humanity, I humbly ask that you know about the life of the Prophet Muhammad (saws) and his companions and read the Quran before making comments and sharing other people`s inaccurate perception/opinion of my religion. You would find that we, the real Islamic Muslims, love and respect all the Prophets from Adam to Abraham to Moses to Jesus to Muhammad (saws). We love and respect Mary and Angel Gabriel (as). The best of us Muslims try our hardest to live by God`s message and teachings sent through them. Islam, Christianity, Judaism are different religions that came from the same source; We have the same God. Continue reading

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Usual dialogue with taxi drivers

Maryam: Good morning. Sa BH lang po.  Good morning. At BH only.
Driver: Good morning, ma`am. Ay, akala ko sa Maharlika kayo. Good morning, ma`am. Ay, I thought to Maharlika. (Maharlika Village is the Muslim Village deep in Taguig City.)
Maryam: Oh. Hindi po. Sa malapit lang po ako. Oh. No. I am just near.
Driver: Muslim po kayo? Are you Muslim?
Maryam: Opo, Alhamdulillah. Yes. Thanks to Allah.
Driver: Taga saan po kayo? Where are you from?
Maryam: Dito po sa Taguig. Here in Taguig (City).
Driver: Ang ibig kong sabihin, taga saan kayo sa Mindanao. What I meant was, where in Mindanao are you from (as most Filipino Muslims are from Mindanao.)
Maryam: Dito na po ako pinanganak at lumaki sa Manila. I was born and raised here in Manila.

Continue reading

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Ramadan Questions


Do I have to join a denomination of Islam? Or can I just be `Just Muslim`?
Can I do Taraweeh at home? How should I do it?
I already know Tasbeeh. How can I do Istigfar?
What am I supposed to do during Layl tul Qadr?
What important duas should I memorize for Ramadan?
What are the 30 juz of Quran for Taraweeh?
What is Jummah Salah? What do I have to do? Can this be done at home?
What is Tawbah Nasooha? What do I have to do?
What is the difference between tawbah and istigfar?
When is Tahajjud done? How do I do it?
What is Qiyam ul Layl? How do I do it?
What is Salatul Duha? How do I do it?
How much zakat do I have to pay?
Can I have iftar with my non Muslim family?
Can I host iftar dinner even when I am single?
What is witr and nafl? How and when do I pray them?
Where can I buy a translation of Quran? (Only in English)
What is Qunut? How do I do this?
I want to understand more about hadith. What book should I read about it?
What are Zakat Ul Fitr, Sadaqah, and Fitrrah?
What is Qailulah?
How to perform the 12 Sunnah rakat? Is it the same as Rawaatib?
Is this the same as Sunnah ghair al Mu`akkahah?
How can I build a house/s in Jannah?
How am I supposed to pray 10 times Ikhlas?
What are the benefits for praying Ikhlas 10 times?
What to do when a woman gets her period in Ramadan?

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